Ways to Spend New Year’s Eve in Dubai


The new year is surely the biggest event that is celebrated by the whole world. People from all across the globe celebrate this evening in their ways with joy and comfort. The most famous new year’s eve is celebrated in the city of Dubai. People from all over the world visit this city to enjoy amazing fireworks and light shows. Dubai is famous for many things, be it luxury living in District One Villas Dubai or shopping in the Dubai Mall. The business of property is flourishing in Dubai, and people love to invest in off plan properties in Dubai. People who come here for business also plan their visit near new year so that they can enjoy this beautiful eve.

Here are some creative ways to enjoy the new year’s eve in Dubai.


The famous fireworks of Dubai are performed at the three locations in the city Palm Jumeirah, The Burj Khalifa, and The Burj Al Arab. Watching these fireworks give you an exciting feeling, and this is the reason people love to enjoy these fireworks. The people start to gather at 4 pm.

Surely, the fireworks must be at these locations, so you must come early to enjoy, as the crowd is phenomenal. There are other locations at which these fireworks can be enjoyed, but the crowd and fireworks at these places are phenomenal.

New Year’s Party

Every year these parties are organised with details and attention to make them worth it, and it is truly an unforgettable experience. The parties are totally different from the parties celebrated in other cities, as it is mind-boggling fireworks, the performance of celebrities, and VVIP treatment that makes your night memorable.

The most popular places to celebrate these parties are Barasti bar, Mina Seyahi, Nasimi Beach, Sandance beach with top-notch celebrities and DJ’s, and Meydan racecourse.

Dinner Cruise

Enjoy the dinner at the most important occasion in the most elegant venue. The dinner at Dhow Dinner Cruise, and a beautiful view of Dubai’s skylines while you cruise along the creek of the city and enjoy the world’s most famous fireworks.

This event is usually for three hours with live entertainment, cake, champaign, and buffet.

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Extravagant Dinner

This is for sure that not a single mall or restaurant in Dubai leaves an opportunity to provide the best service and celebration to the visitors at this event. The extravagant fireworks all over the city

There are some restaurants where you can enjoy the new year’s eve in Dubai

  • 360 restaurant and bar: over the clean waters of Arabian Sea. This restaurant provides amazing views of Dubai skylines with a personal seat where you can enjoy the lightning and fireworks of Burj Al Arab with live music and several entertainments.
  • Madinat Jumeirah: It offers all the cuisine from American to Thai to Asian whatever you want with a ringside seat to enjoy the show at The Burj Al Arab.
  • Downtown Dubai: At the middle of the city – right at the heart of the city, Dubai offers great fireworks here so that the whole city can see its centre. The biggest building of the world The Burj Khalifa lightning up with colourful fireworks. The biggest party in the town, as the party starts at 8 PM. Downtown has a lot of eateries, cafes, and restaurants.

Madinat Jumeirah

This place not only serves a variety of cuisines and delicious foods, but also throws a gala at new year’s eve with live entertainment, dancer, musician, and extravagant new year’s eve.

Parking in normal days is a hard job, so in these festivals, it is suggested to find a good parking spot, sit back and relax.

Enjoy Picnic at The Beach

This idea is for those who want to enjoy with friends and family rather than enjoying fireworks or lightning shows. You should pack a picnic mat and feast, and go to some public beaches like Jumeirah Beach Residence with friends and family.

Dubai city has a lot of things to enjoy, as it has developed itself into a tourist attraction, so it must keep its image up. The new year’s eve of Dubai is world-famous. People related to whatever business whether be it real estate or investing in an off plan property in Dubai loves to plan their visits around the new year so they can enjoy this city’s entertainment. The locals from different areas like Deira and Port De La Mer Dubai visit the centre of the city – Downtown Dubai to enjoy and celebrate the New Year’s eve. One must visit Dubai once in the new year to see why it is so hyped.