Cheapest Places For Property In Gloucestershire


Gloucestershire is located in the South-West of England, this county contains the Cotswold Hills, River Severn and the entirety of the forest of Dean. It is a beautiful county, based primarily near farmland and gorgeous natural landscapes. The county has a good choice of schools and is a perfect place for families and the elderly to live in.

Many of its towns are small, peaceful market towns that have a wonderful, quiet atmosphere. Towns in this county can be quite expensive to buy property in, however, but there are several towns and villages which are more affordable for the average person.

Number Five: Gloucester

The average price of a property in Gloucester is £240, 244. Gloucester is a cathedral city and main town of Gloucestershire, after which it was named. It lies directly on the River Severn between the Cotswolds and the Forest of Dean with a population of about 150,000. The city was created by the Romans and was a vital colony in 97 AD, during the reign of Emperor Nerva. King Edward II and Walter de Lacy were both buried in Gloucester Cathedral, which is its largest attraction for tourism.

Number Four: Blakeney

The average price of a property in Blakeney is £233, 975. This hidden gem is the largest town in the district of Awre and overlooks the stunning Forest of Dean. The town was once the site of a Roman villa, built in 75 AD, and was the home town of Henry VIII’s Groom Robe Attendant, Thomas Sternhold. The population is just under 2,000.

Number Three: Ruardean

The average price of a property in Ruardean is £214,875. This lovely village in the Forest of Dean lies on a hillside with breath-taking sights of the mountains of South Wales. Once upon a time, this village was highly industrialised with coal and iron mining as well as many forges – mining and ores were the main exports of the village during the Industrial Revolution up until the 1960s.

Number Two: Cinderford

The average price of a property in Cinderford is £185,477. Unlike the majority of the towns on this list which were founded by the Romans in antiquity, Cinderford was only recently founded in the 19th century. Cinderford is part of the Forest of Dean and has a population of 8,000. This was initially a mining town, and in the 1950s and 1960s over half the male population worked as miners. I

Now it is a humble town with three primary schools and one secondary school, hosting several small businesses.

Number One: Mitcheldean

The average price of a property in Mitcheldean is £159, 688. For centuries, the town thrived from iron ore deposits. Much like Cinderford and Ruardean, the town had a natural supply of mineral resources that were mined through the 20th century. The town grew during the Industrial Revolution due to the brewing industry alongside the mining. Now there are many local, independent businesses, manufacturers, and distribution companies in this area. There is one secondary school, several pubs, and general commodities, though the town is relatively tiny, the community is tight-knit and friendly.