Tips To Increase Instagram Story Views

Instagram Story

We use different platforms of media for entertainment, business, social networking and many other reasons. Instagram is one of them; Apart from a post we are using stories to convey day to day happenings and to keep going about our bonds with followers and viewers, in promoting several types of business, it plays a major role to demonstrate their products to a wide audience all across the world.

To keep the consistency of the crowd and add new onlookers we always need to customise stories. The content should always engage the viewers which interest them to visit your page. It calls innovative idea creations and amazing conception. Below mentioned tricks will help you to customise your stories and convey them in stronger terms.

Share Your Story

Once the story has been created you can send it to another person. Just click on the send to option and then choose the person you want to send to, click on done, this will let the person visit your story and you can get more viewers. Apart from Instagram users, the send option is also applicable to other social media platforms like WhatsApp and more. This will let people visit through your story creation if they have access to it.

Using #Hashtags

Using hashtags in your story will help you to get more traffic as the most popular hashtags has its own highest views. Apart from posts, it can be added into the story. Its related hashtags can be used to create more impact. Popular and trending hashtags will do much better. Particular brand hashtags are also beneficial; it provides a high toned look to the story.

Put Location Tags

Instagram Story

When you put your story try putting location stickers. It is one of a way of getting more Instagram views, if the story is related to pictures and videos, location stickers will help the people to find out of more of that location, it will help you to get more followers as it helps to show your content concerning your location, you can select the option, but the location of particular place or city, you can make changes like colour, size etc and try putting it on your story.

Choose Music

People barely interest the content without music, doesn’t mean you are ending up every time with this. But at some course of the period when you can feel your story is not that interesting, you can spice up with choosing from a lot of music options. Instagram also provides an option to show up lyrics. During your video shots or short travelling videos, you can use music to make your videos more soothing to watch. You can also add your favourite Spotify playlist in your story.

Stickers And Emojis

The Instagram story has a feature to show up emojis and different kinds of stickers. You can build stronger interactions through polls, question stickers, countdown stickers, emoji sliders and many more. All these features help your followers to interact with you through your stories; you just need to find out all possible stickers related to your content. It also has search options which will help you to find stickers and emojis according to your interest.

@Mention People

Mentioning people in your story lets people know about it. If you visit somewhere with somebody, you can mention that person in your stories. Later, if the other person wants to share the same story with their own followers, they can directly share it to their stories. This will help you get more exposure by getting featured in their stories.

Create Highlights

Instagram Story


An Instagram story is available for people to see for only 24 hours. However, if you want to keep it forever for people to see, you can easily do so by adding your particular story to “Highlights”. Highlights are the feature of Instagram which lets you save your stories and show it on your profile. It will help your new followers to know about your anytime impactful stories. it creates a sort of impression on a page and can be used to promote any event or brand. Visitors to your account take a keen look at one’s story highlights which can be the first glance to amaze them.

Create Offers

Stories are a tool for effective marketing. If you run an online business or any kind of store, you can try putting offer availability tags on products in your story for the limited time period. You can use this platform to promote your business to a wider section of people. Creating discounts and offers will help you to attract more customers.

Creating Polls

Question polls make your stories interactive and help to get thoughts of viewers at the same time. People who don’t seem to react much, do react to the stories with polls, most of the time. It can be done basically in three ways –

  1. The classic poll – It lets the users vote for one option from a couple of options provided by you.
  2. Slider sticker – In these feature viewers can slide the emojis provided by you to rate considering your story.
  3. Question stickers – Here you provide a chance to viewers to question you, and you will be answering them,

These poll features can help you to go hand in hand with your followers which increase the story views.


Instagram has a lot more options to apply and make content more interactive. It only needs you to search out more ways to make your content look professional. Instagram is not merely a social networking app anymore; it can also help your business to grow over a wider section of people. With an increasing trend in online business, people refer to different platforms to order online. Instagram users have been tremendously increasing from the last couple of years. It is high time you consider it to market your business. Furthermore, frequent posts and stories will help to increase the numbers of followers. So, stay consistent to grow your Instagram.