Mit Launches Micromaster’s, A New Kind Of Master’s Degree

A few weeks ago, MIT launched an online college classes pilot program that allows its students to take a semester in MIT’s Supply Chain Management (SCM) master’s program entirely online, followed by the possibility to complete the master’s degree by attending campus for another semester only.

Along with this new initiative, MIT also announced the “MicroMaster’s”, a new digital academic credential for those students who, after completing the SCM online college classes semester, manage to pass an examination related to it Bannka. Their performance will increase their chances of being accepted for the following semester at campus. It is a system called “inverted admissions” and, according to MIT Professor Sanjay Sarma, will have the power to “democratize access to masters’ programs worldwide”.

There will be no admission requirements for MicroMaster’s, and the online college courses will be free and open to anybody. Qualification for the MicroMaster’s can be obtained upon payment of a small fee.

The SCM program is designed for professional at the beginning of their career who want to receive advanced training in supply-chain management. Professionals working in management, finance, marketing or technology usually apply for it, along with a number of individuals working in other fields as well.

For those interested, MicroMaster’s online college classes will start of February 10, 2016. Be sure to check this link out: