Innovations That Have Shaped The Eyewear Industry

Innovations That Have Shaped The Eyewear Industry

Innovations That Have Shaped The Eyewear Industry

To keep pace with the increasing demands of the consumers, the eyewear industry has taken a lot of innovative measures. Today, eyeglasses are not seen just as a sight correction instrument but also a fast moving fashion accessory. This is made possible by using creativity in the form of innovation.

In this writeup, we will discuss some of the most noted innovations that the eyewear industry has adopted to stay relevant and keep growing.

Online Glasses

Nowadays, a lot of us order eyeglasses online. Online glasses have made shopping so simple and convenient. However, this would never be possible without innovation.

The e-commerce segment of eyeglasses is already well established. There is a huge collection of glasses – of all styles and types – available over the online space and the most amazing feature is their pocket-friendly prices. The e-commerce firms have also come up with attractive services like the free eye test, free home trial, free shipping, etc, to attract customers who still prefer the conventional brick-and-mortar based retail stores.

If you wish to order eyeglasses online, there are a few things that you need to be mindful of. Make sure to visit multiple sites to avoid later regrets. Use the facilitative sort and filter features to narrow down your viewing options. Also, keep an eye for the sales and discounts so that you don’t miss out on great deals.


Varifocal lenses are one of the finest innovations for a cause that is highly noble. It is an advancement made from the bifocals. Varifocal lenses are those which provide sight correction for both the defects of farsightedness and nearsightedness.

Unlike bifocal lenses which have two focal points, they have multiple focal points. The multiple focal points facilitate a smooth transition as we shift our gaze from objects faraway to those placed nearby.

One of the major advantages of varifocals is its visual appeal. The segregated zones of the lenses are invisible to the naked eyes, giving it the look of any normal lens.

Reglaze Glasses

Replacing your existing pair of glasses has got more affordable – thanks to reglaze glasses. Reglaze glasses in the UK have become highly popular as many brands are now providing this service.

Reglazing your glasses is a process of glasses lens replacement. It is just the lens that is replaced whereas the same frame is used. In case your prescription has been updated or you need to make a shift to a lens of different type, you can opt for reglazing your glasses.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Excessive exposure to blue light emitted from our digital screens as it may cause conditions like eye strains, headaches and fatigue. Exposure in dim light conditions can also prove to be harmful.

To keep your eyes safe, you need a pair of blue light blocking glasses to ensure your digital wellbeing.

Transition Lenses

Transition lenses undergo a change in the shades of their tints, based on the amount of light falling over it. It can serve the dual purpose of both your normal eyeglasses and sunglasses, eliminating the need for you to carry two separate pairs when going outdoors.

Polarised Lenses

A great innovation to eliminate the issues glasses wearers face due to glare, polarised lenses can be used in all occasions where glare is common. It is a must have for drivers who encounter glare frequently.