Ukrainian Teacher Creates Revolutionary Method to Learn English As A Second Language with Incredible Results


The main focus when anyone talks about Ukraine today is the devastating invasion instigated by Russia. However, amidst the tragedy, some people continue to make a difference for others around them. Mike Korollostein is a person who is doing just that; having spent many years in Ukraine teaching English under his patented learning technique ‘Avalanche,’ Mike has created the platform ‘EMERY,’ which is rocking the education industry and already revolutionising the way English is taught and learned.

‘EMERY,’ takes the small amount of English people already know, learned in either school or through self-study, and helps them become fluent in as little as three months.

The platform completely immerses the user in English-to-English learning, combining technology with emotional learning and treating the user as if they’ve suddenly arrived in an English-speaking country and have to learn naturally but quickly.

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The platform boasts many unique features unheard of in the English learning world. Firstly, the world’s first Video Dictionary, where words are described by performers explaining what they ‘mean,’ ‘how they use them,’ and ‘what they associate emotionally with that particular word.’

This technique helps to cement the word and its definition through the emotional response and reaction of the user and there is ample opportunity for this, with over 100,000 videos already on the platform.

Learn English Rapidly in 3 Months

Secondly, EMERY has a ‘Talk to a Native’ feature, where the user has 24/7 access to a native speaker via video call to practice their English face-to-face whenever they want, wherever they are in the world.

Unlike many other language learning applications, this feature allows what the user has learned in theory to be ‘put to the test’ in a controlled and encouraging environment, simulating real-world conversations they could have.


EMERY has many other incredible features; however, one more notable section is the ‘Creative’ side of the platform. In this area, the user has access to a ‘cultural exchange,’ where they can watch videos discussing social issues, differences, and maybe even subjects that cause contention online in a controlled, non-political, and constructive way. The aim here is to give an insight into what life is like in the ‘West’ and to dispel any misinformation or preconceptions the user may have.

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Finally, the platform’s price and usability have been designed to be available to everyone, either €5 or €15 per month. This follows Mike’s desire and goal to make English learning accessible to everyone, regardless of where they are in the world and their financial constraints. It has also been created to be a mobile-friendly platform, again increasing its accessibility, effectively making it as easy to use as an app for the price of an ordinary app but with all the features of an English school.

Mike’s creation is a testament to the old adage ‘leave the world in a better state than when you entered it,’ and ‘EMERY,’ truly has the potential to revolutionise not only the way English is learned and the opportunity that brings but also bridges understanding between cultures in a time when the world has never been so divided.

For more information and to try the app for FREE please follow the link below