How to Efficiently Study for Iit-Jee.

IIT-JEE is one of the toughest examinations any engineering aspirant would face in India. It helps in getting admission to the most prestigious colleges and the preparation for it requires a lot of handworks. There should be extreme rigor within the student to efficiently study for IIT-JEE. There are more than a million aspirant and there is extensive competition amongst them. To make your way through it, one needs to be really passionate about the course. Top coaching institutes too bring out the best in students by providing quality exam preparation. The mind-set should be focused on achieving the best and proper utilization of study material should be done. One thing which is clear is that there are no shortcuts to success.

Here are a few ways to efficiently prepare for IIT-JEE:

Learn the basics:

The syllabus of IIT-JEE is vast and you need to be particular about the strengths as well as weakness. You should always start with the basics. Learning the basics of Physics, chemistry, and mathematics of class XI and XII would help in developing the skills to crack problems. Most of the questions begin with understanding the basic concept and then progressing towards overlapping it with other concepts. The linkages can be understood when you are clear with your basics. NCERT books can be followed, to begin with, and this helps in increasing the speed and efficiency to solve any problem.

Note your weakness:

Every student has some kind of niche which can be fearsome and is always neglected while studying. You may not like a chapter or set of chapters in different subjects, but you may not skip them because every chapter holds importance in the IIT-JEE. If the chapter carries a higher weightage then it is advisable to not skip it at all. Instead, the student may note down the problems and start resolving them as soon as possible. The practice would eventually help in overcoming the fear and eventually increase efficiency.

Do time bound problems:

Solving a problem is not an achievement but doing it in the stipulated time is definitely one. While you are practicing, keep a timer on as you solve the questions. Make a note of the difficulty level of the question along with the time taken to crack and solve the problem. This would help in reflecting on the performance and help in improvising the problem-solving ability. These can also help in gauging the chapters you need to revise or understand the concepts better to solve the problems.