Big Data And The Importance Of Summarization


Data is the new oil and the rise of big data is perhaps the biggest highlight of the last decade. This has not come without its own ills too. Like every other endeavour of man, it comes with its pros and cons too.

Perhaps the most perplexing of the problems of big data is the issue of junk data and jargon. The good thing about big data and machine learning is that it can even help us solve some of the problem it brings with it. It is so frustrating today that you can read a whole document of a few hundred pages and you will find out that only a couple of pages are useful.

The Solution

The rest of the document have been overly augmented with data, that may seem like the end of the world. Since you have to go through the entire document to summarize an essay, right? Wrong! Today, with the help of Machine learning and big data, you can have essay summarizer can help you summarize an essay.

You don’t have to read all through the document because you want to summarize an essay. There is a system in place that can get that done for you, and in record time too.

How Does It Work?

Systems of essay summarizers are complex frameworks set in place in order to summarize an essay. Once you feed the document into the system, programming takes over and the document is passed through several open sources in the space of a few microseconds. In the same time, the system analyses and contrasts the wordings of the document to sources that runs into their trillions from all over the internet.

You won’t be aware of any of this, since you are probably sitting in front of your laptop sipping your coffee or munching cookies but these are the internal workings of an Essay summarizer in the process of summarizing an essay.


The essay summarizer system matches words and extracts them from the documents. Once the summary is done, it matches the produced sentences against a set of referenced summaries. These are usually human generated. It is at this point that you have your result. It is beautiful that all of the inner workings of the essay summarizer happen in seconds and you can have your result in a few seconds or a few minutes, at worst.

How Safe Is It?

The essay summarizer is a hybrid of supercomputer workings and the ingenuity of humans. This makes the summary entirely safe, grammatically correct and error-free syntax wise. You can be sure that every summary you get off the summary maker is well-thought out and that you will find no better summary anywhere.

The internal workings works at the speed of light and you can be sure that your summary will be available in the shortest time possible. The essay summarizer also works round the clock, all you have to do is to feed in your document. You need not be scared of having your document stored, the essay summary system only works on your document. It does not store it in a way that can be recovered by human effort.

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