Best Jobs in Hawaii

Best Jobs in Hawaii

Best Jobs in Hawaii

Looking for a job online? But not sure what kind of job you can find in Hawaii. You’ve come to the right place. This article will help you prepare a stronger game plan to score in the field.

Hawaii is the island state of the U.S., the Aloha state is called the paradise. But Paradise is no cheap place to live. With most of the items being imported from the mainland, the cost of living is rather high. Yet Hawaii is its own state. It depends for almost everything on imports, and transportation plays a key role in daily life. From construction material to packaged food products to cars.

There are 3 major industries in Hawaii; agriculture, tourism, manufacturing. Hawaii is a large group of islands, these are volcanic islands. So its only resource is the climate, soil, water supply, vegetation, and ocean. There are a ton of opportunities for employment. With the increase in population, the demand for housing is on the rise and new projects are under development.

So here is a list of the Best jobs in Hawaii:

  1. Construction Manager: The demand for urban housing is rising with a steady increase in population. Simply put, More people will need more houses to live in. Construction Managers make an average of $109,850 in Hawaii.
  2. Education Administrator: The Island has its own University; the University of Hawaii with campuses on the bigger islands. An Education Administrator coordinates the educational activities for the students. They make an average of $124,160.
  3. Air Traffic Controller: Hawaii being an Island state, flights are the common mode of connection with the mainland. An ATC helps to smoothly manage the air traffic in and around the vicinity of the airport. The average pay is $110,050.
  4. Astronomers: The islands of Hawaii are home to 23 Observatories. There are around 90 people employed and they make $1226,170 on an average.Their work is to record and interpret the astronomical phenomenon and their practical applications.
  5. Tourism and hospitality: Paradise is always hosting visitors and tourists and it is one of the main economic activities of the state working in the Hospitality and service sector that has a high payment in the state.

These are just a few of the jobs that offer a good salary, other than these health-care and medical sector has the overall highest salary. Due to the high dependency on imported goods, there are many warehouses in Hawaii. With that, the need to distribute and deliver these goods also produces employment year-round.

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