Unemployed Professors Review

For the past year I have been researching websites that provide custom writing services, offering undergraduates and graduate students the opportunity to take the afternoon off and utilize a professional to meet a pesky and unwanted deadline that has become problematic due to procrastination. My investigation, going incognito led to me to post a series of small projects on a variety of writing websites, with this posting identifying the best of the bunch.

In conducting my search I found there was no shortage of paper writing services, plenty of sites that were cheesy and I just knew I was going to get hosed on both price and quality. However, as I entered the Unemployed Professor’s site, I realized that this service was different, with honesty, humor, integrity, and accountability all mixed together. The overview of the company, including a review of the services and how it all works, provided me with comfort in knowing that this site was more than a cash machine designed to take my money, where at the end of the process, I would receive a top quality paper.

As I followed the directions and input my project, I was able to see the potential professors who would write my paper, and over the next 24 hours, I watched them bid against each other for the right to do my project, which made me feel special. As the bid process came to a close, I chose a competent writer, Professor Worth, who had excellent feedback, independently offered by past customers, providing me with the comfort in knowing that they would fulfill their commitments and indeed they did. With the project assigned to the writer I had chosen, I was notified when the order would be filled and if I had any questions, leaving me impressed with their professionalism as the Professor Worth briefly explained how they would go about satisfying the order.

The paper was finished well before the due date and met all the elements of the directions and grading rubric, which was a failure consistent among many of the writing services, begging the question, how hard is it to follow basic directions. However, that was not the case for Professor Worth and Unemployed Professors, where attention to detail was evident in the final submission. Based on this experience which I have chosen to share with all of you, there is no need for Hari Kari or incessant crying and screaming, instead, login and use Unemployed Professors as I did and preserve your sanity and grade.