Top Problems in Software Development and Testing

What is a software?, Are you aware that software is the heart of a computer and without the system software, the computer will be as worthless as a dead body. Software development methodology also known as SDM is an act of building, programming and maintaining a software but in software development, some common problems arises due to lack of knowledge, these problems are development duration/estimation, poor user-interface and testing/integration  but also these problems can be solve if the right procedures are bee carried out.

A given problem in software development always leads to the cause of the other. Firstly, the problem of development duration, if the duration of developing is limited, the software will not be powerful and portable. Secondly, Poor user-interface  is a problem of  lack of proper data and planning, if a software lack the required features and documentation it will lead to poor user- navigation. And Thirdly Testing/Integration problem, lack of bugs fixing in a software will cause  a lots of harms in maintaining the software after developing.

In Software development, some measures should be taken so as to solve  the problems mentioned above. These are tested ways,  A solution to the problem of development duration is an  incrementation of developmental duration, Enough time should be giving to the developer in other  to fix all features and other implementation. Secondly, proper survey should be carried out in other to solve the problem of poor user interface, collection of feedback from end user in other to know what the customers need..and lastly the problem of testing and integration can also be solve by providing a better way to test the software before deployment, And also a demo version should be release in other to test it properly.

By following the due process, it is  very possible to solve the problems in software development and in a case where the above solutions are neglected, it may lead in software crashing, poor user experiences  which will also cause the owner of the software to waste his resources, time and energy.

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