Simple Steps to Ace Your Class 10 English Exam


Some students find English as an easy subject and can easily score high marks in it. At the same time, others struggle to score marks in this subject. There is no definite formula to score high marks in English paper. But, with regular practice, students can do so. To help them prepare in a better way, we have provided some simple tips to score high marks in class 10 English board exam. Students just need to follow them thoroughly and study regularly.

Tips for Scoring High Marks in Class 10 English Paper

Go through the tips mentioned below, and make your study plan accordingly.

1) Follow the Syllabus

Students should check the syllabus right at the beginning of the academic session. This will give them an idea of the topics to be covered in the English subject. The syllabus will work as a checklist for students during exam preparation and help them analyse what all topics they have covered and what all topics they are left with.

2) Be thorough with the English Textbook

In class 10, students have 2 textbooks. First one is the main course book named “First Flight”, and other is a supplementary reader named “Footprints Without Feets”. First flight book contains a total of 11 chapters, and each chapter has a story and poem. Chapter 2 has one poem named as “A Tiger in the Zoo”. For good preparation of English exam, students must know the meaning of the stories and poems. They must be thorough with the answers of the English textbook questions, as most of the questions in the exam are asked from it.

3) Prepare a Study Plan

After knowing the syllabus, students must create a study plan for themselves. They should daily dedicate at least 1 hour to English subject. However, they can increase the time duration for the English subject if they feel so. Before beginning their studies, students must revise all the topics which they had studied previously. In this way, they will recall those topics and will not forget them. The study plan will keep their studies on track. Students can easily analyse how much they have studied till date.


4) Practice Before the Exam

Before appearing for the English paper, students must have a complete understanding of exam pattern, marks distribution, weightage of questions asked under each section of the English paper. For this, they should solve the previous years’ question papers and sample papers. Solving them, students will know the difficulty level of the exam and types of questions asked in the paper.

5) Study from Notes

While studying, students must build a habit of creating their own notes. These notes will help students during their revision and also save time. CBSE Class 10 English Notes will provide a brief overview of the chapters. Students can go through the summary of the chapters to have a quick understanding of the stories/poems during the revision.

We hope this information must have helped students in their board exam preparation for the English subject. They must keep working hard throughout the year and prepare well for the board exam. Their hard work will surely bear fruits in the form of the result.