Reviews Coast Spas Shares Winter Driving Tips


With Halloween safely behind us, Reviews Coast Spas turns their attention to the impending winter. It is quickly becoming the time of year where people drive to work in the dark and then have to drive home in the dark. Which is pretty much par for the course when you are living north of the 49th. What this usually represents is winter. While we have enough problems with driving in the summer and other months, winter is a different beast all its own in Canada. While they don’t have to worry about it in many States in the US, we here in Canada can always count onthe dreaded white stuff – snow. This time of year, it is not uncommon to have a sunny day on Monday and Tuesday battling 48cm of snow. Always check the weather before leaving the house to see what the weather conditions will be that day, because a day may start off good, but can go bad in a matter of hours. Along with checking the weather, we are going to give you some winter safety tips in hopes you can make it through this winter without any avoidable accidents.


We all know that you will never regret being prepared, so take these tips and apply them on a daily basis for the safest possible drive you can have.

  1. Maintenance – First things first, make sure your vehicle is properly maintained. Makes sure your vehicle’s lights are all in good working order. This may require a friend or family member to complete. Turn on your lights and check all the way around the vehicle to make certain that are all illuminated. In addition, make sure they work when the brakes are applied, and the turn signal is used (this is where a friend or family member might come in handy). Make sure your battery is tested by you or a mechanic to see if it is in good condition. Test your coolant to make sure it has not degraded and needs to be replaced. Always fill your washer fluid with temperature appropriate liquid to have visibility. If your local laws require winter tires, make sure they have been mounted.
  2. Conditions – Always drive for the conditions of the road, not the speed limit. Winter packs with it snow and ice and no amount of safety precautions can save you if you are not driving at an appropriate speed. That is to say, if you are driving 100km/h you will have a hard time stopping suddenly if you need to.
  3. Be prepared – Have an emergency kit in the care complete with road flares, jumper cables, and warm blankets. Roads in Canada have been known to shut down suddenly and you wouldn’t want to be unprepared.

Reviews Coast Spas would like to remind you that the only way to eliminate winter driving risk altogether is to only drive when it is absolutely necessary. If you don’t need to drive, don’t. If you can take public transport, do. The fewer vehicles on the road, the better the roads will be for everyone. Slow down and get there safe. No meeting or appointment is so important that you should risk your life for it.