Learning the Trickier Aspects of English

If you are learning English, or learning to be a better writer in the English language, there is no need to panic if you make mistakes. Even the editors and proofreading service professionals with a lifetime’s experience of English will make mistakes now and then, and this proves how tricky the English language can be to get right. What is important is that you learn the most common types of mistake, know how to correct an essay you make and learn from your own mistakes. Let’s take a look at some of the more complex mistakes you should understand.

Verb Mistakes

There are many ways to make mistakes with verbs, including the form of the verb and the agreement with the subject. Verbs often change when the subject changes, for example, “I have blue eyes”, “He has blue eyes”, “they have blue eyes”, “We have blue eyes” and “You have blue eyes”. The form of the verb changes for different tenses, and usually, if the tense has already been defined, the infinitive should be used instead of the conjugate. For example “I did not drove a blue car” is wrong, and “I did not drive a blue car” is correct.

Nouns and Pronoun Mistakes

Just like verbs, nouns change depending on whether the subject is singular or plural. For example, “the alien had one eye” and “the human had two eyes”. Some nouns are tricky because they are plural even though they don’t appear to be plural. For example, “jeans” and “glasses” are single objects but technically plural words, therefore, “I grabbed my jeans and put them on” is correct and “I grabbed my jeans and put it on” is wrong.

Sentence Structure

Using conjunctives such as ‘and’ and ‘but’ are used to link clauses together and build correct sentences. A common mistake is to create a sentence which is actually two sentences, for example “I have green eyes when I was born I had blue eyes”. Misplaced modifiers are also a common problem.

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