Learn Different Type of Shots in Carrom Game

Learn Different Type of Shots in Carrom Game

Learn Different Type of Shots in Carrom Game

Carrom is a very popular table game in Asia and other Middle Eastern countries. As an Indian, I like to play this very popular game regularly with my friends and family at least once a week! Aside from the fact that sometimes our fingers start to hurt after the continuous movement of these disks, it is actually a lot of fun! The next time you meet on this board with your family and friends, you may want to keep certain traits in your mind that will make you think you are a paid carrom player!

Side Shot

It is the only type of strategy used to strike a coin in the pocket or a rival’s coins remotely. Hit your attacker to escape the target disc with the part of the puck that touches part of the coin. Drive your striker forward and if he goes for a coin, he can push that coin to the other side of the coin. For example, a disk flying right can push this to the other side. Use this to hit side packs or touch movement from a competitor.

The Middle Gun

Medium shooting is one type of strategy in a game that can be easily done in the first stage of the game. Once all your coins are placed inside the carrom board, the gun helps you to hit 2 coins at a time. Whenever 2 coins are joined by a touch, you need to hit your attacker to shoot the space between the two coins. Suppose it hits the space, two coins should go in the opposite direction and reach 2 different pockets at the same time.

Alley Oop

He’s one of the racing games I play. Playing a double game is tricky because you never know what’s coming next, but strategy is important. The way to do this is to start in a way that will bring your disk closer to your pocket. When it is time for a partner, they will easily hit this in your pocket. Excellent interaction! Remember not to use the strategy too often to make this strategy clear to other players.

Sixth Gun

It happens that after a while, the finger you use to hit the discs starts to hurt. The trick is not only good to use this right now but also leads to strong hits when it is right. There are no rules for using one finger to hit an attacker to use the thumb to hit hard. Create a circle using your thumb or index finger and shoot the coin by moving the thumb forward to the player.

The Second Hit

The trick is used to pack 2 coins at a time when the coin blocks your hitting other coins on the carrom board game. A target coin that will hit other coins and reach the pocket in a straight line. Carrom discs are important in the game; the player needs to hit them in the pockets using another main disc called “hit” and “puck” on the carrom board. The game is as fun as chess or billiards where special tricks are the key to winning the game.

Cut the Gun

A gun can be played if the carrom men are placed in the middle of the boarding pass. He puts his fingers on the striker and points with his fingers that will hit the carrom men next to the pack. Example- if you are playing left-handed shot, you can play this cut-to-right image to get this in the right-hand pocket.

Board Shooting

Tricky shooting for advanced players only because it requires knowledge and experience. In shooting, you have to hit the attacker where you are going, so it touches 3 different sides of the board the way a striker hits the carrom men directly in the side pocket.


So, these are some of the most interesting ways to earn money by app that you should aim for and understand well in order to become a paid carrom player over time.