Here Is Why I Started To Read Books?

Here Is Why I Started To Read Books?

You like Netflix right! Who am I kidding these days we all like it and this is one of the best time passes for us after coming back from our offices doing a stressful job. I mean how we can forget breaking bad, Narcos and stranger things S1 and many others. People spend time watching these shows and this is their personal choice but when it comes to books, people often ask, ” how do you manage time to read this whole novel or book” or “why these books are so important for you?” or “what is so attractive about these books”  My answer would be just experienced by yourself. If you truly want to experience your imagination then reading books is the best way. If you haven’t read before then here is how it can benefit you.

Enhance your Imagination

You cannot compare the movie-watching experience with the book reading. I mean how can we think about harry potter someone else but the movie version of harry but there are hardcore fans who can still imagine their version of harry or Wolder mort. While reading books, several elements will be left off on the imagination of the reader. Famous writers such as the Bronte sisters, Charles Dickens, Hardy, and others are famous for the descriptive portrayal of their characters. You can imagine a character and draw its personality in your imagination. Continuous practice imagination can help you enhance your imagination that can help you in long run such as writing cover letters and resume that require creative skills to create a persona through words.

A Whole New World

When we hold a book and start to read it in our mind then for the time we just disconnect from the outer world and we just go into a world we have never been before. Living in an imaginary world of books will help you to stay away for a while from the stress and drama of the real world and enjoy the other worlds. Sit with Alice and mad hatter to enjoy a cup of tea or guess who is the “Thing” in thing. In short, this is the experience that can’t be described but can only be experienced by yourself.

Too Many Lives To Live

You are doing let’s say a job of Business Analyst, your job is stressful and your whole day is spent with a busy routine, meetings with clients and collecting data, etc. If this sounds boring but relevant then start reading books for a time. This won’t be easy at first but once get used to it than your life will be much colorful. You will get to live your character’s life. You can be a detective for a while or can be a wizard to save a whole nation. Be what do you want to be and stay mentally fresh even after doing your job.

Self Help Gets Easier

Self-help books are those that don’t offer a much interesting plot but they inspire others as well. We can’t get success without any motivation. Several books help others to stay motivated to earn more and get rich. Dalai Lama’s book the art of happiness and true happiness by Howard Carter is a good way to understand how you can stay happy even when nothing seems good in your life. These books have transformed a huge number of people’s lives.