Enroll Your Child In Film Making Camp For Children In Florida

When you’re looking for the right after-school program or school break program for your child, consider enrolling them in the best film making camp for children in Florida. We offer a wide variety of classes for children with interest in acting and filmmaking. There is one out there that is just right for your budding filmmaker. Our programs range from an hour after school to day camps during school breaks, so there are many options for your child to participate throughout the year.

One class we offer is the News Broadcast class. In it, your kid will learn how to produce their own news program. They do all the work, from writing the script to delivering breaking news and forecasting the weather. They share the latest in sports news and even write and produce their own commercials.

In our YOUth TUBEr class, you child will learn to write and act in their own videos for YouTube. The skills they master may help them to become the next big sensation on YouTube. Each student will create their own videos or a group video with their classmates! They learn how to film and present themselves charismatically on camera.

In the Mini-Movie class, students put their wonderful imaginations to good use in creating their own mini-movies. They work with other students to create, direct, act in, and produce their own movie. They are able to see all that it takes to create a movie and to actually create their own movie. Our professionals handle the editing, letting your kids’ imaginations take flight as they focus on writing, producing, acting, directing, and filming.

In any camp or class that your child chooses, they will learn how to present themselves engagingly on camera. They learn the art of conversation, and perhaps how to interview in the news broadcasting class. Their self-confidence grows, and they become better public speakers. These are lifelong skills that will help them wherever they go in life.

Our instructors are professionals in the field and will teach your child through positive feedback and helping children learn to listen to each other. Students learn to effectively memorize and about the ins and outs of creating a video in addition to many other skills from our teachers. Contact us when you’re ready for your child to enroll in the best film making camp for children in Florida.