5 Types Of Education Applications That Are Trending In 2020

5 Types Of Education Applications That Are Trending In 2020

5 Types Of Education Applications That Are Trending In 2020

eLearning is undoubtedly the newest trend in the education sector. The trend is building a bridge between students and teachers to help them connect and learn without even stepping out of their homes. Besides this, eLearning has made education accessible to every nook and corner of the world.

Both the students and teachers from schools, universities, and educational institutes are adopting eLearning to teach students globally. For eLearning, all it needs is to have a smartphone with an internet connection. You can download an education app and start learning in minutes.

It is the result of the growing popularity of the eLearning that the eLearning app development is booming right now. If you are looking out for a startup mobile app idea that can make you earn big, then developing an education application of a virtual classroom solution is definitely worth. To understand more, check out these five types of eLearning apps that are gaining huge popularity among students and teachers:

Augmented Reality is the hottest trend in education app development. AR helps in learning and understanding the concepts deeply. Teachers can make students understand science experiments, like the solar system, using real-world examples.

  • Language Learning Apps

Learning multiple languages helps students to beat the rising competition. It can also help teachers to enhance their skills. That’s why these apps are in trend nowadays.

  • Reminder Apps

Apps that remind students about their homework, exams date sheet, assignment submission, and more are also gaining momentum nowadays.

  • Exam Preparation Apps

Exam preparation apps that can help students to prepare for competitive exams are also one of the biggest trends in the industry. You can think of developing such an application to make a fortune.

  • Quiz Apps

Quiz apps helps in building IQ, cognitive skills, and intellectual ability of the students. Therefore, these apps are enjoying a humongous customer base on the App Store and Google’s PlayStore.

Apart from this, you can also think of developing an app for students with disabilities, private tutor app, school bus tracking, performance tracking, and other apps.

Trending Technologies in Education App Development

Augmented Reality, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence are some of the technologies that are being used for the eLearning app development.

Famous Education Apps/Famous eLearning Apps for Students

Before you start developing a virtual classroom solution or any other kind of education app, let’s know about the popular education apps. We are listing them down here so that you can check out their essential features and decide what you can do to make your app stand apart:

  • Google Classroom
  • Duolingo
  • edX
  • Khan Academy
  • Remind
  • Photomath
  • Quizlet
  • Udemy

These apps are of different types. The first app, i.e. Google Classroom is a virtual classroom solution that is replacing the traditional way of imparting education. Another app, Udemy is a courses-on-demand app. You can go through other applications mentioned above to check out their business models and other details.

Now when you know which types of applications are trending these days, why not choose them as your startup mobile app idea. Sounds good? So, select any of these types, contact a reliable education app development company or eLearning app development company, and begin developing the app.

The cost of an education app development depends on the platform where you want to release the app, features and complexity of the app, size and location of the eLearning app development company, and various other factors.

Roughly, you might need to pay somewhere between US $25,000 to US $55,000 for the app development. The price may change depending on the particular app requirements. Besides finding an eLearning app development company, you can also hire mobile app developers for your project. Choose carefully to get the best value of your money.

Final Words

Like every other industry, technological advancements have revamped the education sector as well. These advancements have brought a new trend of learning, i.e. eLearning. Schools, universities, and other educational institutes are choosing eLearning and virtual classrooms over the traditional way of teaching.

Here, in this article, we have highlighted some of the education applications that are trending these days. If you are planning to build such an application, it is worth to read this article to know about the latest trends. On the contrary, if you want to build an education app, then contact an education app development company like Quytech with your specific app requirements.