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A Brief Discussion about when’s the Right Time Students Need to Decide about their Field of Specialization

Students looking for the admission in a good medical institute need to think about many aspects. There are many ways in which a student need to have a strong understanding about many different fields so that he can study fully satisfied about the chosen field. This is important as student need to decide about this before the start of the degree program.

But there’s another section or school of thought who believe that students don’t need to fret too much about this aspect right from the start as they can make this decision before the year of their specialization. Students looking for a seat in a coveted caribbean medical school or the one located in US or Canada need to think about this aspect as both the sections of people have valid reasons in their favor.

Let me elaborate the two distinct point of view so that you can make sure about which section has more weightage in their arguments.

This section of people are of the view that students need to focus on their studies right from the start. And for this purpose, they need to think about what they want to become in the field of medicine right from the start. In other words, they are of the view that students must choose their field of specialization before the start of their studies. So what arguments they have in this concern? Read on.

This section is of the view that students need to think seriously about what they want to achieve in their life and the professional career. This is where they need to decide beforehand what they want to become and achieve in the field of medicine. There are many ways in which it is like choosing what they want to become while they are about to finish their high school. In this way, they think that students will be focused on their studies right from the word go as they start their studies in the med school.

This section of people are of the view that a student see and experience many different subject and fields of study while at a med school, their preference do change with the passage of time. That’s why there is no need for students to be pressurized to think about their major subjects 2 or 3 years prior to the final year or last 2 years. The argument is let students be what they want to become without unnecessary pressure on them.

Another argument in their favor is that many students who chose to become a doctor/nurse or any other occupation in the field of medicine just after their high school is finished. So these students don’t have much time at all to choose what they want to become, in say, after 2-3 years. It is only after going through the initial 2-3 years at the med school that they develop a liking or inclination towards particular field. While you may find some students who want to become a surgeon or general physician even before they are in high school, it may be because of the fact that there is someone in their family who is in that profession or they really like or aspire to become a surgeon, for example.

Final Word

There are many ways in which both the sides have more or less same number of arguments but if you ask me, I’ll prefer that students may chose the area of their specialization in the later stages of their studies. In this way, they will be better off so that they know what are the pros and cons of starting a career, say like a physician, and how they can succeed in it in the long run.

Students need to be very sure about what they are about to study and that’s why they need to know exactly how to go about it and when’s the right time to choose a field of study.

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